Found a nest of Kits in yard.

by Carlos Duron
(San Antonio, TX)

Cottontail kits found in yard

Cottontail kits found in yard

Hi, I was clearing our back yard of weeds, lots and huge, and found a nest of kits. I originally thought they were rats and after calling places to see what I could do with them or how to get rid of them I decided to get them out and take them to a pet store or somewhere else. Well when I got them out I saw that they did not look like rats but like hairless bunnies. I searched the internet and saw that they were bunnies.

It's a litter of 4 and I called the Wildlife Rescue here in San Antonio, Tx and they said to just put them back and see if the mother comes back. We tried to cover it back up just how it was but don't know if the mother will return since they yard is all cleared up now.

My question is are we able to take care of the kits if the mother does not return? The kids are all excited and already call them their Easter Bunnies.

***** Karen Sez *****
Nice pics! See those nice round tummies? The doe will be back, I'm guessing, because she's feeding them well. I hope so, anyway.

The chances of survival for these wild cottontails drops to about 10% when people try to rescue them, although it is definitely possible to raise them to weaning. Far better, as the Wildlife folks said, to give the mom a chance to find the kits and care for them herself.

I know you cleaned up the yard...but maybe you could camouflage the area around the nest somewhat by pinning a few tumbleweeds around it, but still allowing the doe to get into the nest? How about stacking a few branches over the nest? Nothing too major. Just an idea.

It's a treasured experience to peak into nature as you have, even if by accident. I hope all is well that ends well.

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