First Pregnant Rabbit

Our rabbit, if she is pregnant, should be having the kits anytime now, and I am worried that this being her first time giving birth, and she being somewhat aggressive, will either neglect to feed them, or kill them. I am also worried that since her due date has already arrived, she has shown no signs of preparing a nest, if she is really pregnant, is it possible that she could give birth at any random area. We have her in a small room with a cardboard nest box. We've set out plenty of hay, etc. (We believe she has mated with the male.)

***Karen Sez***
All you can do is all you can do, eh? And sounds like you've done your best to prepare your doe - a nesting area (she might destroy the cardboard), hay, etc. I hope you're feeding her lots of excellent rabbit pellets. If your rabbit is pregnant, she needs excellent rabbit-specific food (not people-food, and not hay-only) in order to get enough protein to grow the babies and then to feed them.

Now it's just a matter of waiting, and seeing how strong her maternal instincts are. She could be aggressive because she's feeling maternal. Then again, sometimes rabbits mate, but 31 days later, there's no bunnies. Either the doe had a false pregnancy, or she resorbed the babies half-way through the pregnancy. (It's a survival mechanism for the rabbit.)

Let us know how it turns out, okay?
Good luck,

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