Doe not eating or lactating well


Rabbits are very smart, especially bunnies. But I am having problem in rabbit which is not eating well and not feeding milk well to bunnies.

Rabbits - we have to be more watchful about them. Otherwise they will have some disease. Beginning breeders have trouble finding what medication should be given and what the rabbit likes to eat. Each rabbit like different kinds of food. So we make sure that which one like which food more and accordingly we have to serve.

***** Karen Sez *****
If a doe is not eating well or making sufficient milk for its kits, my first question would concern the rabbit's diet. For me, the question is not, 'what does my rabbit want to eat?' I would ask, 'What can I feed the rabbit that has the nutrients it needs in order to produce milk?'

If you feed the doe the foods it 'likes,' it will eat it, but, can it then make milk?? If there is not enough protein or fats in the forage you feed, then the doe will not be able to make milk no matter how much it eats.

For a nursing doe and her babies:
I don't know the types of forages you can find in your area of India. Your goal is to find forages that are at least 15% protein. If the forage also has enough oil (at least 5% up to 8%), this is good. If not, you can take a teaspoon of vegetable oil and coat the day's ration with it.

The bright green growing shoots of foliage in spring are highest in protein. Also, see if you can find lucerne or another high-protein hay. Supplementing with whole grains such as oats is also helpful.

The above is assuming that you do not have access to commercially prepared and pelleted rabbit feed, or that feed is too expensive.

No matter, if you can provide enough protein and fats to your rabbits, they will do well.

Lastly, strong health is inherited. At Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch, we don't medicate at all, or very rarely. Far better to keep and breed rabbits that can stay healthy without medication, than work hard for the survival of a rabbit whose kits will then be weak in health. In the short term, you lose a rabbit. In the long term, you end up with a LOT of very healthy rabbits and reduce your work load. Just saying!

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