Do you know this rabbit breed?

by Tanya
(Timmins, Ontario, Canada)

Our baby!

Our baby!

We just got him yesterday. He's apparently about a year old. He is very soft, but very timid. His ears peak straight up and his eyes are big and beautiful!

***** Karen Sez *****
Definitely very cute!
Getting our e-book on rabbit breeds, "Domestic Rabbit Breeds," would be your best bet on figuring out what breed this rabbit is. It gives detailed information on all the North American rabbit breeds, plus some European breeds, and gives guidance on how to figure out a mystery breed, or which breeds were likely to factor into the background of a mystery rabbit.

I'll get you started:
This rabbit's eyes are large and round. This, coupled with the fact that the rabbit is small, is evidence of Netherland Dwarf, or Netherland Dwarf-based lineage. How much does it weigh?

The ears are significantly longer than allowed for the Netherland Dwarf breed. Therefore, this rabbit is some sort of a mix. It may or may not have some Polish blood. But what is more likely is that this rabbit is the result of a Dwarf mix crossed with a somewhat larger rabbit breed.

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