Do rabbits need baths

Does a rabbit need a bath?

***Moderator Comment***
Glad you asked.
The short answer is No.
Here's the explanation: Rabbits are meticulous cleaners, will keep their coats in good condition. Plus, their fur is dense, and if you bathe the bunny, you'll be in for a long haul getting it completely dry again. (And if it stays damp, it could lose body heat and get sick.)

But, you can definitely spot-clean a rabbit on the rare occasion it might need it. By spot-clean, we mean mostly just water and then a towel-dry.

If by chance the bunny gets a touch of diarrhea, you can put his hiney in the sink near tepid running water and rinse out the dirty area. Blot-dry with a towel, and let the rabbit finish the job for you.

Good luck, and God bless you,

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