Crisis in the Wild

by Deborah Sellers
(Lindsay Oklahoma )

I live in the country and my Dorkie (Weiner Dog/Yorkie Mix) has found a wild bunny nest in the yard. He's already killed one and I'd like to try and save the rest. The Mama has made her nest right in the middle of the yard (which will also be mowed in the next few days). Is it possible to move the nest, to save the babies? They are only a few days old I believe. Their eyes are not open and they have no fur. I am just heart broken. Any advice at all would be appreciated!! Thank you :)

***** Karen Sez *****
We aren't wildlife rehabilitators - can you locate someone in your area that is expert in rescuing wild bunnies? But, here are some ideas, in the meantime...

I suspect the doe is around, and hoping to feed her babies every evening. Can you mow around the nest but not over it, leaving the grass long around it? Can you keep your dog out of the yard for the next 3 weeks?? Or possibly - place a barrier around the nest during the day that will keep the nest protected, and then remove it in the late afternoon and all night?

This is the approach that we would try first, anyway, doing our best to simply let the nest be. It does not take long for the little kits to be on their own - the doe will wean then and go off and have another litter as early as 3 1/2 weeks after the birth of these kits. As long as you can protect the nest from your dog for this brief time span, the kits may very well survive.

Good luck.

Update from Deborah:
Thanks for your help and your suggestions. The mama did come back around and fed the babies for a few more days there but then she very kindly moved them. Too much traffic in the area. I did get a chance to peek in once before she moved them and they were growing very quickly :) Now I just watch so we don't step on babies hopping around !! Again, thanks for your help :)

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