Confused about my bunny

My bunny is pregnant for the second time now and I cant figure out who got her pregnant. I had two boys and one died. But now I don't know if she is pregnant with two litters. And I'm not even sure if she is pregnant because her belly is hardish and she chubby. But her nipples are swollen some so I don't know.

Please help,

****Karen Sez****
It's a hard call, Beth. She's either pregnant, false-pregnant, not pregnant, or overweight. The best way to determine the answer is to wait 35 days...

When we find ourselves in this very position - not knowing - we like to assume the doe *might* be pregnant. In this case, give her a lot of grass hay every day (along with her 16% protein pellets), how much ever hay she wants to eat. This will keep her appetite up but ensure she doesn't overdo the calories.

If 35 days pass and no babies, then she is not pregnant.

Last question - why did the boy bunny die? Was he sick? Was it contagious or old age? Is there a chance the doe is also sick? Just have to ask so you can think it over. Your rabbit-savvy vet is your friend when you have serious questions.

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