Cleaning out cage with kits inside?

by Tracey

Hi - My Netherland Dwarf rabbit has 6 kits 5 days ago. I have her inside in a quiet room where she can't be disturbed.

I have today managed to scoop out and clean the half of the cage where the doe has been doing her business, but wonder when I can clean the nest part out?

I am terrified of me doing so and her killing them.. she is quite a friendly little doe and she appears to be looking after them, but even giving her a treat, she seems to have her eye on me the whole time when I put my hand in the cage and has gone into the nest a couple of times too! I have even been using a glove when touching anywhere near the nest (which is now covered in her fur!) so that I don't leave my scent near the kits!

****Karen Sez****
Congrats on the kits! I'm sure your friendly little doe knows your scent, doesn't fear you, and won't stress if she smells your scent in her nesting area. And in another week, she'll be completely relaxed about everything. I think your fears can be dispensed with. She's not going to hurt her babies, she is doing all the maternal things we like to see in our does.

About cleaning out the nest area, you only need to check it and ensure the kits are being fed, and the nest is dry and contains only a few poo marbles. You can leave those few poo marbles - if the kits eat them, and they might, this is how their intestines get inoculated with the correct bacteria that will keep them healthy all their lives.

It is probable that you can simply leave the nest as is until the kits are around 2 weeks old. By that time, the kits will be hopping around as cute as buttons.

Good luck with everything!

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