Bunny shows?

I have a mini rex named Appolo. He is about six months old. I went to the Arba and know all the info. I was wondering about the tattoo thing. Is there some possible way I can fake it cause I really don't want to put him through pain. I already got his pedigree with his ear number. Please help!!!

***** Karen Sez *****
Nope, can't fake anything.
The tattoos don't hurt much. If you don't want to do the tattooing, then take him to a show, and ask another breeder to help you. There are some really cool tattoo 'pens' that do the job easily with a minimum of stress and pain.

Good luck and enjoy your rabbit.

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Feb 10, 2012
Faking a tattoo ??
by: Anonymous

OH GOODNESS ! That's a major NO NO to even "fix" a tattoo just for a show.

Besides.. Tattooing doesn't hurt if done by a pen. I have done the clamp type too and the rabbits never flinched but some can be wimps and scream bloody murder. But they'll do that with just brushing too.

I've had tats done on myself and it does NOT hurt except for a tingle once in awhile. Rabbits and animals won't "hold a grudge" believe me. LOL If you really want to show then you're gonna have to comply by the rules. People talk about microchipping and as far as I'm concerned.. THAT has GOT to be painful.
Rebecca Snider
Spirit of Shenandoah Angoras & Satins
Byron, GA

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