Bunny Mating!!!

by Brianna Marden
(Leesburg, Florida, of the U.S.A.)

Dear Bunny Assistence People,

I really want baby bunnies and I was wondering if there are any chances my bunny may be pregnant. I have been observing my bunny lately. Actually not for that long because it has only been two days. I am very desperate but I have noticed some signs from the following above.

---- I have noticed that she is getting moody against me and my male bunny. I am scared she is unpleased with my other bunny. Is there any way I can make sure she gets pregnant?

P.S. I am thirteen and am wondering if the bunny turns out to be pregnant can you give me advice on how to take care of baby bunnies and a nursing mother bunny.

If you have any advice please let me know.
Thanks a million your questioner,


***** Karen Sez *****
The big joke about rabbits is that they breed like rabbits - meaning - they're really good at getting pregnant and having litters of bunnies all the time. And it's true, rabbits do breed like rabbits.

I cannot tell you if your rabbit is pregnant, but I can tell you that you'll probably figure it out within about 31 days.

I hope you've separated your boy and girl rabbits into their own cages. From now on, they need to be apart, until you are actually ready for more bunnies. This is because rabbits breed like rabbits - the buck will breed with the doe at every chance he gets, including the day the babies are born. Which would, of course, result in even more babies a month later.

This website will tell you everything you need to know to take care of your pregnant and lactating doe and her babies, time to do your rabbit homework!

Just click on Breeding Rabbits in the green navigation bar on the left of the website, and read all the information there AND on the linked pages.

I think you might make a really great rabbit raiser, and 13 is the perfect age to start learning all there is to know about rabbits.

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