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May 24, 2013
Lost bunnies
by: Elaine

We do not raise rabbits, but we have at least 2 which have taken up residence in our bushes. One is a chocolate brown and has shown up now with small babies. The other bunny is what I would call blonde fringed with white. It doesn't seem to associate with the other one since it likes to hunker down under our shed. The blonde one isn't very afraid of us since we're able to get within a few feet of it before moving out of the immediate area where we are. The chocolate one is more timid and will keep well beyond our sphere. We are looking for someone to catch and take them. We live in Puyallup/South Hill area. Can anyone help?

***** Karen Sez *****
I can try to put out the word. I'd think Animal Control should be able to come out and catch the critters for you. Have you asked your neighbors if they're missing any rabbits? Could be that someone would like to have them back, and simply doesn't know where they've gone.

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