Breeding behavior 3 days after kindling bunnies

by Shyann
(Sedalia, USA)

I have 2 meat bunnies. Well, the doe has been trying to get on top of the male and she has an attitude, is she pregnant??? She just had a litter 3 day ago can she be pregnant? They're both full breed meat rabbits.

***Moderator Comment***
Oops, gotta separate those boys and girls! Not that the buck will hurt the babies, but because rabbits breed quickly. Yep, I'll bet your doe is pregnant...again.

She'll have to nurse a litter AND grow new babies in her tummy. This is stressful, so you can help her by giving her all the fresh water and excellent quality rabbit pellets she wants. Plus, get some calf manna and feed her a couple tablespoons a day. That's like a half a handful. Plus, do you have dandelions in the yard? rabbits love 'em fresh.

It's been stinkin' hot in Missouri, right? Do you have your doe indoors?? The last thing she needs right now is to get overheated. Might kill her. Bring her inside, if you can, while she's doing her super-mama thing.

The early breeding is not the end of the world - rabbits do it all the time in the wild (but when they do, they usually only have a few kits at a time). Going forward, you can be wise and not allow the doe and the buck to be together, except during the brief breeding interlude when it's time for a next breeding. In the case of your doe, once she weans the second litter, give her a couple months freedom from the buck so she can recharge her health and body reserves.

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