baby rabbits

by Roxanne

I thought I had 2 male rabbits until earlier today when I realised there were three baby rabbits in the upstairs side compartment. I really don't know what to do, I want to check they are ok and healthy, but my rabbit is young, skittish and not used to my scent. I have put the father downstairs. Is it normal for there to only be three babies? Do I need to intervene and add a nest box? I can see the mother has pulled fur. Is it possible for her to have more babies from the same litter but separated time spans? Please help.

***** Karen Sez *****
There's nothing magic about the number 3. May be more bunnies in the nest. Don't worry about the mum - take her out and put her in a box, if you think you need to. She's not her owner, you are. With a solid floor bedroom compartment you probably do not need a nest 'box,' as long as the kits can't fall out - can you add a 8-10 cm lip to the entrance? If the babies are not confined, it is easier for them to get lost, and then chilled; this is why checking on them morning and night is important. The mum will get over it.

The biggest concern is that she might already have a second litter growing in her belly right now. Because that's what rabbits do - they mate at their earliest opportunity. So, if this should be the case, simply remove the first litter at 28 days old, so the doe can make a nest for the second litter. The 4-week-old kits will already able to fend for themselves.

Good luck, have fun, and feed the doe well...

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