Babies moving in her Tummy

by Chloe

OK so I found this house bunny outside and brought her in. I've had her for weeks now. I don't know how far along her pregnancy but I can see babies rolling around. Can I tell if she's gonna have babies anytime by seeing the babies moving?

***Moderator Comment***
If you can see babies moving in your rabbit's tummy, you need to provide a nest box asap. But the question is: are you seeing babies (little sharp jerks and pokes), or are you seeing the intestines moving food along (rhythmic rolling movements)? There's no mistaking the two once you've seen them both.

Do you have a buck that this doe could have bred with? If no buck in your house, then give the new doe a nest box right away, and count 6 full weeks from the day you first got her to be sure she no longer needs the nest.

Good luck, and God bless you,

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Jan 17, 2012
by: Ashley

Is this kits or no?

***** Karen Sez *****
In the first video you can clearly see the rolling movement of the intestines. But, I also thought I saw some quick kicks too. These would be babies, if I saw right.

In the third video the doe seemed to flinch. But before she flinched, I saw some little bunny kicks pretty clearly. There was nothing 'rolling' about it. Those were little bunny-feet kicking outward inside the doe.


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