Appalled by the House Rabbit Society's actions

by Rebecca
(Byron, GA, USA)

While this has enraged the Show Rabbit Community, what worries me even more is the violation of this woman's rights as a citizen of the United States. The violation of her rights is AS BAD if not worse than the violation to her rabbits and her reputation. From recent public information (NOT from the Media) the HRS "Set UP" this whole thing by changing the rabbits' environment to support their own agenda--fans that were turned down and swamp coolers unplugged--and various other unscrupulous actions. Things were not the way they were when she left for work in the morning.

Having her place invaded by ANYONE is unthinkable but having Animal Control, one of our civil servants, go in and illegally search for problems is in direct violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. To add insult to injury, to shove the animals into dog and cat crates to sit in their own manure and charge her outrageous daily fees is in direct violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution.

All in all my own rabbitry is now locked and no one will ever come into my facility for any reason unless they are friends who I can trust with MY life as well as my rabbits' lives.

We are supposed to live in a country that is FREE! So why is this woman being railroaded?? This is definitely a LYNCH MOB attacking her.

The animal rights activists are totally out of control and need to be stopped as soon as possible. They have to date killed THOUSANDS of ANIMALS and their goal is definitely to eliminate all animals from our lives.

They DO NOT help animals, they help THEMSELVES.

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Sep 06, 2011
things to do ?
by: Rebecca

Even though you have outside rabbit hutches is there no way to erect a perimeter fence that can be locked? My rabbits are in a converted kennel and I will be putting up a security fence around that kennel as soon as the weather cools down. A gate will be put on and a lock will be on that gate.

It may take awhile for me to get this job finished as I'm alone and will be digging holes and erecting it myself but after all of these threats by the HRS and ARAs, I feel it is my best interest to get it done.

Besides, it will give me exercise that I need to ward off heart disease and Osteoporosis... haha As I get older I can't move as well until I GET MOVING so building a fence will get me moving. :D


Jul 31, 2011
RE Appalled by the House Rabbit Society's actions
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

That is totally insane!! I wish there was a way to lock up my rabbitry, but there isn't sadly since they are all outside in wooden hutches that cannot be locked.
But why would anyone do that??? In my opinion the House Rabbit Society should only bother with its own members...not professional rabbit breeders and the members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Obviously the HRS has no idea what they are doing when it comes to rabbits. The ARBA does, because that is where you get all of your CORRECT information about rabbits.
And yes, the animal activists are really getting out of control. They don't need to be bugging the people who raise rabbits, because most rabbit breeders know what they are doing.

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