Anti Social Bunny

by Anna
(Melbourne, Australia )

I'm worried about my bunny... She is about just under a year old, and in January she lost her mate (the only other rabbit she has successfully bonded with) and a couple of weeks later gave birth to 4 kits which all died within the first week. I know she was probably too young to have babies, but I actually thought she was a he until I found the kits!

She has always been an anti-social and skittish rabbit, shying away from any sound or movement. She won't let anyone except me anywhere near her, and hardly permits that even. We were getting along pretty well until her mate died. I didn't have to worry about her so much them because they obviously kept each other occupied, but now she just sits in her cage all day and doesn't move.

When I let her out into the run she's always in the same place and when I have her inside she sits under the couch and won't move.

I've tried to leave her alone as much as possible, not taking her out of her cage, just giving head pats until she calms down... But she never fully relaxes.

Today she was sitting on my lap as I read -sitting perfectly still, no loud movements - but I could actually hear her rapid heart beat.

What can I do to make her more relaxed?

Should I try introducing her to other rabbits? She hasn't been near any other rabbits since January. Also today there was a big clump of fur in her cage... I know she isn't pregnant since she hadn't seen any other rabbits in 2 months.. I thought it could be the change of season, but that's weird because it's summer going into autumn here...

Sorry this is long and not very clear, but I just want my bun to be happy! And to love me! ;)

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Jun 20, 2012
Non moving bunny
by: Anonymous

She could be grieving.
OR she could be ill.

I'd take her to the vet for a once over, and then see about introducing her to a neutered buck.

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