Adopted a new rabbit SURPRISE it's a GIRL!

by Nikiella
(Massachusetts )

I have been the owner of a small breed Harlequin bun who has been amazing & is VERY playful, so I got him a friend Oreo!!

Oreo was supposed to be a boy, but no she's a GIRL! How did I find out? They mated immediately!! lol So I will be having a litter.

That's ok though!

My question now is can they be together for the next 2 weeks? I know they need to be separated 2 weeks before she delivers but can they be together now? They sit at each other's doors even though they can't actually see each other 😂😂 Just wondering TYA!!

***** Karen Sez *****

Hi Nikiella,
How very exciting for you. Supposing that your two rabbits remain on good behavior, then sure - leave them together.

Just know that they may also continue to breed and rebreed during those 2 weeks. So you'll be smart to keep an eye on the doe to ensure she doesn't get cranky and impatient with the buck's advances.

Enjoy your rabbits!

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