4 new arrivals??

by Amber

Well, my 8 month old Dutch rabbit kindled 4 kits last night. We've separated the other doe that usually lives with the mum. The kits are warm and wriggling, sometimes jumping up, but usually just sleeping.

I'd put in some fresh hay (only hours before birth) and she'd immediately started grabbing bundles in her mouth and got to work on her nest. By 10 o'clock, there was a nice lining of fur and tufts of hay in the corner of the hutch.

Is it good that she made the nest before she gave birth rather than after??

I transferred this all into a cardboard box (I've cut out a little entrance way for the mum so she can get in for feeding).

Is it OK that I transferred the nest into a box??
I peeked out of the window a few times (the window has a great view of the hutch) and she seems to just be chilling, just lying down on the opposite side of the hutch to the kits.

Is this good or bad?? Do the mums usually stay away from the kits??

When I'd transferred the nest into a box (this is the following morning after the birth) one of the kits weed on me!! Is this a sign that they've been fed??

Please help me!! Thanks so much xxx

****Karen Sez****
Yeah, good the doe made her nest beforehand. She was actually right on time.

A cardboard box is not usually ideal for a nest box...let's see how fast the doe destroys it. At the moment, all is well, if she's just chilling.

And yes, does always stay away from their nests. They visit the kits once or twice a day, for 5 minutes each, just to feed them, so don't be alarmed at the lack of nurture. As long as the tummies are nice and round, all is well.

Enjoy the bunnies!

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