2 *Girl* Rabbits, one litter?

by Dee
(London, UK)

Hi, We have 2 bonded rabbits that we were told were girls living together. A couple of days ago, went to give them some food and water and discovered a litter of 6 babies crawling around the floor and one rabbit running around frantically with straw in her mouth. She then built a nest in her hay box and lined it with fur. We put the babies in the nest, and removed the other rabbit.

The babies all died 2 days later, but the female has started building another nest and is pulling lots of fur. Is this normal? Should we give her cage a clean to get rid of the scent of the babies? Or could she be pregnant still?

***** Karen sez *****

I think she is still feeling the effects of the delivery hormones. BUT: She may ALSO be pregnant again, if this doe and *doe* are like a million other ones. They will re-breed promptly after the kits are born, if they are in the same hutch or housing.

So, count 28 days from the day you found the kits and ensure she has a fresh nest box on that day. Stuff it with wood shavings, straw, and hay.

You can expect a new litter on day 31.

Enjoy your rabbits! :-)

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Jul 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply!

She has now stopped pulling fur, and seems a lot more chilled out.

They are now in separate housing, the buck has a run under his cage, and when the doe has the run of the garden she has started lying flat out next to him, (he's inside the run). Where a couple of days ago she wouldn't go near his cage and would make a crying noise if he looked at her or she got too close, he would start running around in circles.

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