2 Babies & now 6 more

by Irene
(Charlotte, NC.)

My Rabbit had 4 babies on the 12th of October I didn't even know she was pregnant went in to feed her in the early morning lifted the lid to the hutch & there were 4 babies in the cage I freaked out put the daddy in another cage. Well I went in to feed her & the 2 babies that survived this morning & she was pulling her fur so I put the 2 babies in a separate cage & told my 4 year old daughter that we needed to leave for a while came back home this evening & she has had 6 more Oh My God what do I do LOL

But anyway I wanted to know if the babies that were born the 12th of October would be big enough to sell beings mommy has new babies to take care of now & she had to get pregnant RIGHT after birth on the 12th I thought I got daddy out in time I didn't even know we had a male I was told when we bought them they were both females so having babies the 1st time was a real shocker.

****Karen Sez****
Yeah, welcome to the wild side of raising rabbits!

If the first bunnies are feeding themselves, and I assume they are if you've removed them from the doe, then they are old enough to sell.

One caveat: How do you know the bunnies will not get diarrhea and die? The chances are elevated of a life-threatening diarrhea in early-weaned bunnies. If you and prospective buyers understand the risks (the upright thing is to reveal the circumstances to the buyers), then the danger to the kits in your custody is similar to the risks in someone else's custody. The buyers need to know they must provide unlimited grass hay at all times, at least till 10 weeks old. The low energy, high fiber forage greatly helps to keep the bunnies healthy. You might also recommend a dose or two of Benebac as a preventative measure.

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