Very Old Rabbit

My Rabbit will be 11 in December and the vet says she is healthy (as much as she can be for her age). My question is what can I do to make sure she is comfortable. She is a bit wobbly on her legs (occasionally falling over when she is washing herself) and although she is still eating she doesn't eat as much as she used to and has lost weight. I know the weight loss isn't uncommon in older rabbits but I would like her to gain a little. She is a house rabbit.

****Karen Sez****
What is that, 110 in rabbit-years?? Glad to hear it's still healthy.

This is a situation like where the doctor says, 'whatever you're doing, keep doing it!'

I'm not sure I have any additional suggestions for you, except, were it my rabbit, I think I would get some 100% real wheat germ oil (rich in nutrients and non-carb energy) and try coating her pellets with a small amount every day, like perhaps 1 tsp on the day's rations. Go slow and see how it does. This might help with protein digestion, and also joint comfort.

I assume her teeth are still okay? If so, you could also add a pinch of black oil sunflower seeds to her ration.

Would you let us know how it goes with your senior rabbit?

Moderator's PS: Your title was 'senior bunny,' but in show rabbit terms this means any rabbit that has reached adulthood. So in order to get you some other comments, perhaps from folks who have had very old rabbits, I changed the title to reflect your rabbit's advanced age.

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