The Great Chase

by Josephine Watermolen
(Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

One week my family and I were up north, and I put my rabbit back in his cage around 11:30 PM. The next morning my father woke up and saw this little, black rabbit running around our cabin. He came in and told me that I had to see this cute little rabbit that was running around with no ma or pa. Here I was standing there, and thought I was going to get my rabbit out. I looked in his cage and there was no rabbit in there, and we started chasing this rabbit around, with oatmeal and a tablecloth.

The neighbor lady saw us like we were trying to catch a mouse or something, and came over. She suggested we should use her fish net, but we politely declined and kept on chasing after this poor little spooked rabbit. After a while we gave up, and used the fish net. At first when I put it over his head, he freaked out and jumped all over like a little jumping bean. But after he calmed down he was fine, then I slowly lifted up the net and quickly grabbed him. I had got my sweet little darling rabbit in my grasp once again.

Thank the Lord for not letting my little fair project get lost. :)

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Feb 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

Cute story! I'm so glad that you got your furry friend back!

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