Thank you for being another voice pointing out the animal rights agenda

by Donna
(Plattsmouth, NE)

Animal 'rights' organizations are about 'saving' animals to death. PETA's euthanasia rates speak for themselves. They believe animals have the 'right' to die if they can't live in what THEY consider to be ideal conditions, and nothing more. They would see entire species go extinct, and consider that 'saving' them from being the 'slaves' of humans. I don't think the Christian arguments are going to win over any non-Christians, but it should be pointed out to those who follow nature religions that being true to, and accepting, your own nature is far more respectful than denying it merely to make yourself feel better. You don't have to believe you're better than other only have to accept that you aren't worse.

It's about respect...and there's nothing respectful in the animal rights movement. Would an animal, any animal, prefer to live, regardless of its conditions? I think the evidence speaks for often have you heard of animals committing suicide? It virtually never happens. These folks, in claiming to 'protect the rights' of animals, take away their most fundamental right--the right to try to continue to live at all costs, for as long as possible. That is the ultimate disrespect.

The relationship humans have with livestock animals is an interesting one that is ultimately beneficial to both species involved. The animals thrive all across the globe because of us, and in return we get food and clothing from them. All species have predators, but only our livestock animals have managed to trick their predators into actually taking care of them and helping them to propagate! Perhaps that sheep isn't so stupid, after's brilliantly smart, in the way that nature so often is.

****Karen Sez****
Thank you Donna. Well said and appreciated.

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