Should I cull my doe?

Hi there,

I got a Californian buck a little while ago. A few days ago I bred him to a very nice Californian doe. On the same day (during the breeding) I noticed some really thick white snot coming out of his nose. I had previously read about snuffles on this website, but I decided to see if it was just hay or he got some of the doe's fur up his nose (something along those lines).

Anyway, I realized yesterday that it was in fact the snuffles. We are going to cull him tomorrow. My question is whether or not we should cull the doe, and besides that, the kittens (if there are any). Let me know what you think.

****Karen Sez****
Huge kudos to you for paying attention to your rabbits' health, and for the willingness to do the right (hard) thing.

No, I would not cull the doe off hand. If she is one of those lucky, healthy, ones, her exposure to the buck will not affect her health. And, she will pass that health to her kits. If not, she'll become symptomatic, and you can cull at that time.

Same for the kits. In my barn, we give the doe and kits a fair chance at life. Most of the kits will be healthy, but some might inherit the buck's weak health. These will show symptoms, likely before adulthood. Cull if they start sneezing.

Good luck, and God bless you,

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