On and Off Rabbit Diarrhea

by Lisa
(London, UK )

One of my rabbits gets diarrhea on and off all the time....he's a half house rabbit - we keep him in the hutch sometimes when his brother is out (they don't get on) and half the time he lives in the house.

Will try out the suggested Benebac & giving him more hay but if anyone else has advice please let me know.

****Karen Sez****
Your plan should definitely help, but I'm suspecting there is something you're feeding it that isn't quite okay for him (not a criticism). Curious that its brother doesn't have any problems...? You did not elaborate what you're currently feeding the rabbit, but you could try a little test.

Part of the Benebac/hay plan is removing all food other than the hay for 24-48 hours. Once the rabbit is doing fine, add back into the diet the rabbit pellets and see how the rabbit does. Then, one by one, add in any people-food one at a time, at a few days interval, and see if the diarrhea comes back.

You never know - it might be the food, or it could be the pesticides ON the food.

Lastly, depending on the age of the animal, there may be a chance that the problem is a symptom of a more catastrophic health situation, like cancer or gut abscess. Doubt it, but I suppose it's possible. I sincerely hope everything works out okay!

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