Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 7-8 years old Sick

by Anonymous
(England )

It's the second time my rabbit has gotten sick.

I'm getting really worried - he is a family rabbit and we love him loads.

He's not just a rabbit he's a part of the family.

He's not running very well, stops and sits down blowing white snot through his nose and mouth.

We try to encourage his running but he falls over.

Help quickly and fast because I think this is the last...

***** Karen Sez *****

Hey Anon, sorry to hear about your sick rabbit. All that you say leads me to the same conclusion you have reached: that the rabbit may not last much longer.

When it is a "family member," it's hard news to receive, and that is why I'm sorry to be the bearer of miserable news.

You are describing a very old rabbit whose immune system is failing. The rabbit is sick with pasteurellosis, which in its condition it is not likely to survive. Even worse is the fact that the rabbit has trouble running or staying upright. This indicates the spread of the infection beyond the nose, throat, sinuses and lungs to the inner ears, or even to the brain.

A vet might offer a proper diagnosis, if the rabbit survives long enough to actually see the vet. Plus, the vet might prescribe antibiotics, however, if the rabbit's time has come, nothing will forestall the inevitable for very long.

I pray for comfort for you and the family, and hope you will be able to find another wonderful Netherland Dwarf (or other rabbit) to fill the void once the grief has subsided.

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Sep 11, 2015
by: Athena

me bunny just died and we don't know how he died so i was hoping some one could help so this is how it happened i checked on him in the morning and he was fine but then when i came home he was dead he was still warm but dead and there was nothing wrong with him before help

***** Karen Sez *****
Sorry to hear it Athena. It certainly *sounds* like a sudden onset flare-up of disease-causing bacteria in the intestines, but there's no way for me to be sure of this from way over here. Such bacterial imbalances are typically brought on when the rabbit eats too many sweet treats (carbohydrates), but not always.

Sometimes old age finally gets the best of even healthy rabbits. I hope you'll be able to get another bunny to fill the hole that this rabbit leaves behind. Blessings....

Aug 08, 2015
It's me
by: Anon

Other night he has gotten better we have tried him on some food he's trying his best to eat it I put the carrot near his mouth he has gotten up his ramp ok he's eating grass he may have suffered from heat exhaustion, maybe heat stroke we have put a big massive umbrella to keep him into the shade and a cold big bottle of water and a cold tile.....

***** Karen Sez *****

Thanks for the update Anon, so glad to hear it. Yeah, keep the old man cool. But, I'm still concerned about that white nose discharge. That is still a serious infection, and doesn't bode well for your rabbit's longevity. A trip to the vet and some rabbit-appropriate antibiotics (have to be careful with rabbits and antibiotics) might still be in order.
Best regards....

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