My Little Sadie

by Monica
(Wheeling, Illinois, USA)

In her Cage

In her Cage

This is my rabbit's breed! I've been searching the Internet for so long wondering about my bunny's breed because I bought her from a pet store and they only knew she was a female and about 2-4 months old. I think Netherland Dwarfs are in general temperamental yet so sweet. My bunny (Sadie) hates being picked up, which is normal for bunnies. She also likes to scare off people by scratching with her front paws and making a grunting noise. To cut her nails I have to get her into a cage and wrap her into a "bunny burrito" so she doesn't harm herself. She loves bananas which I find is really adorable. She waits near the kitchen (she doesn't walk on the slippery floors. She only hops on carpets because she hates slipping on the wooden floors.) on the carpet and stands on her back paws when she sees the banana come. I give her two slices daily along with pellets and hay and dark leafy greens before bed. She also loves raisins. I give her a raisin and in exchange she lets me pet her. She's very shy and typically runs away or grunts when you try to pet her so this is a huge step. I lay down on the carpet and she likes to investigate what I'm doing. She likes to hop past me or put her front paws on my back. She used to hop onto my back also. Binky's are so adorable on bunnies! I've only seen her do a binky two or three times but I've seen her "shudder" with happiness many times. I love when she turns onto her back in a complete expression of contentedness and happiness. This breed I think is very cute and lively. They have energy. I don't know if every rabbit is like my Sadie but she loves to explore and nibble. She loves nibbling paper and cardboard.Sadie goes through a "shedding" season around summertime. She loses so much fur only to reveal softer, newer fur.

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks for sharing your photo and story. Yes, I'd guess you're very right - Sadie is most likely a Netherland Dwarf, perhaps, judging from the ear length, a dwarf affectionally known as 'big ugly does' due to not having inherited a dwarfing gene. Is Sadie's weight closer to 3+ pounds rather than under 2.5 pounds? One thing is certain, Sadie is extremely beautiful!

You're very smart for rationing the sweet treats.

I wonder how many Netherland Dwarf breeders would say it is "normal" for rabbits to not like getting picked up? Instead, it is very normal for many rabbits to enjoy their interactions with humans, including being picked up and petted.

What you are seeing in Sadie is a dominant, occasionally tolerant, rabbit. She thinks she is the boss of you and of everyone that enters her world. If you like it this way, great. But the arrangement doesn't work in all situations. It is no joke when a rabbit growls and threatens to shred someone's body parts.

It is far safer to teach Sadie that the home is yours, not hers, and that she has to play by your rules. This isn't cruel or heartless; in the wild, the vast majority of rabbits must learn to be subservient to other rabbits.

Enjoy your very cute Netherland Dwarf rabbit!

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