My hamster died after being exposed to Carefresh Advanced Odor Contol

by Diana Culp Bork, Esq.
(McLean, VA)

I purchased the purple Carefresh advanced odor Control with baking soda, premium soft pet bedding. Darling healthy hamster is now dead. No other explanation. Had water. Wheel. Food. Anyone else have this problem?

***** Karen Sez *****
Sorry to hear it. Sometimes it is hard to identify the exact cause of death when a pet passes away. That said, if all is well with your animal, and then it dies after you make that single change to a new bedding, you'd sure want to explore whether that bedding contained something fatal to your hamster.

Why don't you additionally post about your loss in a hamster forum; perhaps other hamster owners have lost hamsters for similar reasons.

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Jul 20, 2012
Sorry you lost your hamster :(
by: Tori

Sorry your hamster died. I have used a similar product with my rabbits. Usually I just put the powder in the drop pan under the cage. I never lost a rabbit because of it. Maybe the powder was too powerful for his little lungs?

Did you keep your hamster indoors where there is a/c? If he was outside or on a patio, it may have been the heat. Usually if small animals have a heat stroke, you will find the deceased body with its chest, and front legs really wet.

It also could have been just it's time. About how old was your hamster? I know there are breeds that only live 1-3 years. I once had a hamster, he lived for about 3 days. After I got him from the pet store, he seemed depressed and he wouldn't eat.

Again, I'm sorry your hamster passed away. I know how you feel, I just lost a four week old baby bunny. I was so attached to her! Death is so stupid!!!

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