Is a loud environment ok for a bunny?

by Arista

I want to get a pet rabbit, but my roommates are ALWAYS arguing/yelling (pretty much everyday) and I know rabbits are kinda skittish. Would it be ok to have a rabbit in such an environment? Would the rabbit get used to it? He/she would give warning thumps if they were getting scared right? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

***** Karen Sez *****
Hmmm, that sounds like a pretty unpleasant environment for both rabbits and people. I can see how a pet rabbit might be a soothing influence for you in the chaos. What are the chances your living arrangements could take a more peaceful turn??

I'm sure a rabbit could get used to loudness, especially if it did not feel personally threatened. Can you shield the rabbit from some of the loudness and yelling? Like, put the cage in some distant corner or provide it with a hiding place to which it can retreat?

Don't count on the rabbit to let you know it's terrified, but once you get to know the animal's methods of communication, you might learn how to tell. Do you really want to do this to a pet rabbit? Will it be safe with a couple out-of-control humans sharing the same space?

Had to ask....

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Dec 02, 2019
Are a baby's screams going to affect my bunnies in any way?
by: Anonymous

I really want two bunnies, but I have a sister who is 9 months old. She throws fits a lot, and when she does she has a very loud pitched cry/scream. There is no option to put the bunny except in the room I share with my sister.

If I do get the bunnies, would they be scared of the noise? Will they get used to it? Or will they be fine because there are two of them?

[***** Karen Sez *****]

Hi Anon,
The short answer is that the noise would probably startle and possibly stress the bunnies. BUT: Life is never perfect, not for people and not for bunnies. I think that there are ways to ameliorate the problem so that you could have your bunnies.

If you give the bunnies a hiding space, they will be able to accommodate their fight or flight instincts and take "shelter."

A hiding space might be as simple as a grocery-sized enclosed cardboard box stuffed with straw that has a door cut into the side. If the rabbits can dart into the box when they feel afraid, they will be doing just what their cousins in the wild do when afraid - running for cover.

A second option is to cover their cage with a heavy cloth, turning their cage into their safe space. They should be able to learn over time that shrieks don't result in sudden and immediate calamity.

Good luck with everything, and enjoy your rabbits!

Dec 27, 2011
arguing and yelling humans
by: Anonymous

I would surely NOT want to live in that kind of a situation and I would think that any animals living there would probably become neurotic. I've seen dogs that were in loud music situations and they begin to run in circles and literally go nutty. Not good and since rabbits have such sensitive hearing it couldn't be good for them.

I'd get myself in a better environment before putting a rabbit or any other animal in there too. I wouldn't make a creature, especially one who's natural order is PREY, endure such chaos.

Think of YOUR OWN peace of mind too.

***** Karen Sez *****
Yeah, gotta say I concur, though I try very hard to recognize one's right to their own decisions. That's what freedom is about.

But Arista, I hope you will feel empowered to find other living arrangements for yourself. (Are you in a college dorm? Go tell someone, ask to be moved, something...!)

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