I love rabbits

by Taushia

Two silver fox and a NZ

Two silver fox and a NZ

I love the breed. I have also cross bred mine to NZ and got a doe that looks like a silver fox. the coat of the mix breed doe is not the same texture as the silver fox of course. I have Champagne D' Argent, New Zealand whites and silver fox and a blue silver fox also.

***** Karen Sez *****

These are beautiful rabbits of yours! I am very interested that the NZ cross yielded silvered rabbits. Were you aware that it carried a recessive silvering gene?

The Champagne d'Argent babies are so cute! You've captured well the transition phase - solid black, but beginning to silver out after 8 weeks or so.

The Champagne d'Argent breed makes a great choice for anyone looking for dual or triple purpose rabbits. And yours look to be very nice examples of the breed. Good job.

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Jan 29, 2020
Silvering gene it dominant not recessive
by: Anonymous

New studies have shown that the silvering allele in the Champagne D'Argents and Silver Foxes are dominant and not recessive. There are probably 3 alleles Si1, Si2, and Si3. Silver foxes usually have a combination of Si1 and Si2. Champagne D'Argents usually have Si3 Si3. Other rabbits have the recessive sisi. I have Champagne D'Argent. I have crossed them with black New Zealand, and black point Californian. In both cases, I get black kits that go to a silvering color. They look a lot like Silver Foxes. If my Californian has a black agouti point I get some agouti, and the rest are self-black both which get silver tones as they age.

Jul 20, 2014
Recessive gene
by: TDumas

I have owned and bred rabbits for 20 yrs, but it's not till the past couple of years I have started to read about recessive and dominant genes. I have always loved taking a couple of very different rabbits, sticking them together and seeing what I get. I also got a chestnut doe out of the champagne/NZ breeding, which I was surprised to see. My next purchase will be a pair of checkered giants and I plan to cross breed them to the Champagne. Don't know what I will get but I will post pics as soon as I can and thank you.

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