How much water should a rabbit drink in 24 hours?

by Jill
(Grand Rapids, MI )

Our new bunny to be - a rescue rabbit.

Our new bunny to be - a rescue rabbit.

How much water does the average rabbit (4 lbs.) drink in a day? Is it a sign of illness if they drink 32 oz. or more in 24 hours?

***** Karen Sez *****
The normal rate of water consumption is approximately 100-600 ml per day, or 50-100 ml per 1 kg body weight daily.

Meaning, expect a 4 pound rabbit to drink one cup of water a day, or less.

32 oz in 24 hours is therefore very excessive.

In the wild, the sick rabbit would become dog food, as in, wolf or coyote dinner. Or maybe cat food.

I like the idea of rescuing rabbits, but I don't like pouring my money into sick animals. Better to euthanize, and obtain a healthy rabbit from a reputable breeder. Really.

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