How much water should a rabbit drink in 24 hours?

by Jill
(Grand Rapids, MI )

Our new bunny to be - a rescue rabbit.

Our new bunny to be - a rescue rabbit.

How much water does the average rabbit (4 lbs.) drink in a day? Is it a sign of illness if they drink 32 oz. or more in 24 hours?

***** Karen Sez *****
The normal rate of water consumption is approximately 100-600 ml per day, or 50-100 ml per 1 kg body weight daily.

Meaning, expect a 4 pound rabbit to drink one cup of water a day, or less. That said, water is not something that rabbit owners should ration. Provide water 24/7, but just know that if a 4-pound rabbit is actually drinking a full quart (32 oz) of water every 24 hours, I would wonder if there is something very wrong metabolically with the rabbit.

Or, is the water bottle leaking?

I like the idea of rescuing rabbits, but I don't like the idea of pouring one's money into sick animals. In the wild, sick rabbits become food for predators.

Are you WANTING to tend to a sick rabbit every day? Or is it a pet rabbit you are looking for? If the latter, it would be much better to let the rescue deal with this rabbit; instead, obtain a healthy rabbit, either from a reputable rescue, or from a breeder, if it is a pet rabbit you are looking for.

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Dec 24, 2019
Dont freak out yet!
by: Anonymous

My bunny is about a year old. She only weighs a little less than about 3 pounds and drinks around 8 to 12 oz of water a day. Always has drank a lot of water. She is cage trained and very active running around the house. Vet said not to worry. I also give about half to full cup of approved veggies and a little fruit. My vet said it depends on a on how active your rabbit is.

Oct 20, 2018
Karen what the heck
by: Ted

Karen, I'm pretty sure you can't use the word "euthanize" unless there was no other reasonable alternative. Would you say the same thing about a dog? You're literally telling this person to kill their rabbit because it drinks too much water, and they should buy a new one. No! If you're concerned about excess water consumption in your rabbit, take them to a vet! Particularly a rabbit-savvy one. The House Rabbit Society (look them up) has a listing of rabbit-savvy vets, and if anything, you can call vets in your area and ask if they have any that know about rabbits. Most vets have a network that they will recommend to, and many may even be able to give you advice over the phone, free of charge.

Besides, no vet in their right mind would "euthanize" a rabbit because it's drinking too much water. That would go against their oath. You'd have to kill the rabbit yourself. Seriously, just call a vet if you're concerned your pet is sick.

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks for this, Ted. I agree with your last statement, which I would have included in the original answer IF the rabbit had already belonged to the questioner. But in fact, the poster of the original question did not yet own the rabbit, and therefore the intent of my response was to encourage her to NOT rescue that particular rabbit, but to find a healthy one to rescue.

To the readers of this page: if the rabbit in your possession is urinating excessively, this may be a sign of a deeper and possibly serious health issue, and a veterinary opinion is definitely warranted, sooner rather than later.

About the House Rabbit Society, see this page. I would not speak on behalf of vets.

Lastly, dogs are in no way equated with rabbits, whose main role and physiological goal in life is to multiply so they can feed animals higher on the food chain than are rabbits. This is why rabbits multiply like rabbits.

Again, Ted, thank you for your response. It was helpful.

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