Female Rabbit? Male Rabbit? Ahhh!!

by Stephanie

I have two bunnies, when I got them from the breeder, she said one was a boy, the other a girl. I had not one clue if she was right or wrong. So i just went with it. When they got a little older, I separated them, so they would not have babies. Well, when I put them outside together a couple days later, they were tearing out each other's fur, and bouncing off each other's chests. Ahh! that was a big surprise.

After that we started to question the theory that one was a boy, the other a girl. A couple weeks later, as we kept them separate, one escaped when the other was in the yard. Oh no, I looked out the window, and saw them at it again. We all went outside to try to stop the fight. We broke them up, then we saw that they were both boys!!!! They both looked the same under there! what a shock.

***** Karen Sez *****
Yep! This is exactly what happens when two males locate each other in a small area. In the wild, the submissive male would high-tail it for the next pasture over, relinquishing the area to the more dominant animal.

It is also why it is impossible to "bond" two intact males. Just ain't gonna happen!

Going forward, you don't have to be clueless about how to tell boy rabbits from girl rabbits. Check this page out:
Sexing Rabbits

Enjoy your rabbits!

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