Excellent articles, I agree 100%

by Hillbilly
(Hart County, Kentucky, USA)

Hi there, I read your articles and have given the link to dozens of beginning breeders over the past year. I had a very similar experience and your info is right on. Thanks for writing it and for doing so in a very laid back way so that it is easy to understand and clever at times. I never bothered to look to see who you are, what your rabbitry is or anything. That really doesn't matter, I just wanted to say thanks for the valuable info.

When I had this in my herd in 2007 I had no pc and didn't really know how to use one without someone standing there helping. I am just a farmer at heart and with only my instincts to guide me I culled heavily and ate my losses. It was really hard to cull a rabbit I paid $125 for but I did it as soon as I got live babies from her, she was twisted (as in feet growing the same direction like 2 left feet) and had snuffles. I treated her repeatedly and just wanted live kits.

And just like you indicated, I had one cheap dq I picked up for $20 that never showed symptoms, nor did her offspring. I literally was afraid of getting burned again because it wasn't just the sick one, there were issues with the pedigrees that were accidentally forgotten at home that didn't arrive in the mail for months, unreturned calls and finally a realization that what I bought was not what I paid for.

I am grateful that I culled them out, hearing that I did the right thing in 2007-2008 is a relief, and I am just glad your stuff is out there on the web for others, to let them know that it's not the end of the world, you don't have to start over (cause you can just be doing a repeat) and that you can cull and breed your way out of this mess.

And as for some of the comments, I don't trust pet vets or biologists, I have never seen a biologist or pet veterinarian with a healthy herd of rabbits...ever! There is no money in healthy animals for the vet and no work for the biologist if pathogens are irradicated completely. You have no financial gain in truth, I second everything you wrote here as I played out the exact same scenario in real life.

Thanks again, from Suzette at Hillbilly Hares

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks so much for your kind words, Suzette! It's not fun in the middle of a hard experience, but the barn sure is quiet without all the sneezing once you've identified the healthy animals and culled the sick ones.

Thanks very much for sharing your story with all of us in Cyberville.

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