Do rabbits need shots?

Do rabbits/bunnies need shots? If so what kind?

***Karen Sez***
Rabbits and bunnies don't need shots of any kind in the United States.

Shots might be available for rabbits in the UK, Europe and Australia/New Zealand for the catastrophic diseases myxomatosis and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. If you're not from the USA or Canada, you can verify with the rabbit clubs in your country.

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Aug 16, 2011
Rabbits needing shots ??
by: Anonymous

NO... there are no shots needed for rabbits. Ivermectin can be given as wool mite control, if needed.

About Pet Vaccines in General...

Annual vaccine protocol is changing for dogs and cats and horses also. Dr. Jean Dodds has been doing extensive research on this for 40+ years and the vet schools are now adopting the protocol. (Google her name)

Puppy/kitten shots starting at 8 weeks (NOT 6) and given 3 weeks apart for 3 shots and then a yearly booster is all that is required for the life of an animal. Rabies is a 3 yr shot (per Pfizer) but the protocol is the same. One shot at 6 months and one booster. Be aware that more and more dogs are developing bone cancer from rabies shots.

There are NO states in the USA requiring annual rabies shots and all accept the 3 yr protocol and will soon change to 5 yr.

If you think about it, you don't give your children annual boosters after their series of baby shots.

However with this being said, if problems occur, titers can be drawn to check for adequate immunity on ALL shots.

40 yrs experience w/dogs and cats and a novice with rabbits. :)

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