Bunny with messy bottom/gurgling tummy!

by Sue G
(Delta, PA)

I've posted here about my rabbit before. She gave birth to a litter 2 months ago. Soon after kindling, our doe started with a messy bottom and heavy breathing/panting. We took her to the vet on 2 separate occasions. The last time was b/c her bottom had begun to be very red/swollen due to urine scald and the messy poo (I'm guessing). Since she was still nursing, the vet would not prescribe an antibiotic but instead gave us a topical anti-bacterial solution to put on her bottom every day. Her messy poo seemed to go away.

Today, I noticed MORE very messy poo in her cage and on her bottom and her tummy is gurgling and she is gassy (I could see her tummy moving as it was gurgling). Her breathing had slowed down but not alarmingly slow. Just more "normal" than her characteristic heavier breathing since kindling. Her body temp seems normal and he is eating and drinking. I can't get her to a vet right now! What can I do for her? The only thing that I changed in her diet was adding a bit of Timothy hay to her normal Alfalfa (just last night). Could this be the culprit? I'm worried. Should I give her infant Mylicon drops to help with the gas? Thanks for any advice you have. I won't be able to get her to a vet until tomorrow at the earliest!

***** Karen Sez *****
Normally, I'd suggest you withhold feed from your doe for 24-48 hours, and give only water and timothy or orchard hay. This would help to normalize the bacteria living in your rabbit's hind gut.

But, I'm wondering if there is some contamination in your timothy hay?? What if you get a new batch of hay and try this with your doe?

If your doe has a bit of a chronic problem with this, perhaps you should replace the feed as well?

I have no experience with giving Mylicon; perhaps others who do can chime into this thread.

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Mar 17, 2013
messy bottom
by: Cathy Raphael

I have had my doe have a messy bottom on a few occasions. I usually hold her (bottom up) in my powder room at the sink - wipe off what I can and then soap up her bottom and hold it under faucet with warm water running until I can get her all clean. Dry it off with paper towels. THEN withhold all food except for uncooked oatmeal (not the quick cooking kind) for a day or two. Plus water. That has worked for me. (Of course she hadn't just kindled, either....)

Mar 17, 2013
Replaced hay
by: Anonymous

Contaminated hay was my first thought as well, but since none of my other rabbits (who have been eating this same hay w/out problem) were sick, I didn't think too much of it. I bought a new bag of hay and am giving her this hay now. Her stomach is still gurgling (days later now) and she continues with messy bottom (though I don't know if this is new or just stains from before). :( However, she is eating and drinking and still as active as she was before. The vet said to just keep giving her hay and make sure she eats. I did order some BeneBac and am waiting for that to arrive in hopes that is will help her. Thanks.

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