Argente Brun

by Charmaine Wardrop
(Vancouver, WA. USA)

I have the COD for the Argente Brun through the ARBA. My Bruns passed their first showing at the ARBA National Convention last week, the 22 of October.

While working with the Bruns, I have noticed that breeding closely related pairs, results in a greater number of Argente Lilac kits being born. Outcrossing is necessary to keep the rich dark brown color.

***** Karen Sez *****
Congrats on the first showing! That is a big accomplishment and a lot of work.

Do you outcross to Champagnes, or to an unrelated Argente Brun? At some point, do you simply test-breed and eliminate the dilute gene from the gene pool? I would love to see a photo or two of your argente bruns added here!

Do any savvy "geneticists" have anything to add?

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