A rabbit has how many teeth

Do rabbits have more teeth than a carnivore has?

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No, rabbits, which are herbivores, have less teeth than carnivores.

Rabbits have 28 teeth: those 4 big incisors in front, a set of 4 'peg' teeth hiding directly behind the incisors, and then 20 pro-molars and molars in the back of their mouths for grinding forages. Rabbits use their incisors to break off forages, and then the molars in back grind side-to-side in order to pulverize the fibers.

Carnivores such as dogs start out with 28 baby teeth, which are soon replaced with 42 adult teeth, "the better to chew with, my dear."

The canine teeth in the corner of the mouth are for ripping and shearing flesh. The carnivore's jaw chews in an up-and-down fashion, if it chews at all. Carnivores frequently simply 'wolf' their food, then curl up for a nap so the meal can digest.

BTW, adult humans have 32 teeth. Humans are known as omnivores, but their mouths and digestive tracts are decidedly carnivorous in both design and function.


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