Rabbit pregnant with two litters

by Kaitlin

I think my doe may be pregnant with two separate litters. How can I tell for sure and what should I do? Will she lose all the kits? Thank you.

****Karen Sez****
Hmmm, you'll need to tell us a bit more...explain why you think two separate litters.

If you test-bred at 10-14 days just to see if the doe was pregnant, and the doe only had babies in one of her two uterus horns, the doe could indeed conceive a second litter 2 weeks after the first. In our experience this is possible but not probably, thankfully.

We have never personally experienced such a scenario, so cannot give you much guidance. But, IF I felt my doe was double-pregnant 2 weeks apart, I might wait it out and see what happened, or I might take her to my rabbit-savvy vet and get an expert opinion.

It could be that the doe will deliver both litters at once; the younger litter would then be premature and would die while the oldest kits would be fine. Or, I've heard of delivering the second litter when the first was 2 weeks old. If this happens, you'll have a serious management problem, and may need to foster or hand-feed the second litter.

Or it sometimes happens that the second litter gets retained, an infection ensues, and, well, that's not good. You could lose both doe and all kits.

Let us know how it goes, Kaitlin. Your experience might help all of us.

Best of luck,

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Nov 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

My Holland Lop gave birth 12 days ago, she was bred twice with my buck table top method within about 30 minutes and has been in her own cage since the breeding. She is now acting as tho she is in labor again and I am seeing movement,
Is it possible she got pregnant twice?

***** Karen Sez *****

Yes, it is possible, but ONLY if she was introduced to a buck again 12 days after the first breeding. But, the way you describe it, she never saw a buck after the tabletop breeding.

BUT: had she been bred by a buck a couple weeks BEFORE that intentional supervised breeding??

Apr 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

She ended up having babies and the other one I have had babies about 4 weeks ago and she is having babies again. I found out that rabbits have two uteruses and they can have another litter within weeks after the first litter. Rabbits can have up to 3 litters during their cycle. Thank you for relying to my comment.

Apr 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have a rabbit that just had four babies about a month or so ago. Well there hasn't been a buck in with her and well I think she's pregnant again cuz she has made her nest again. She is pulling out her hair and making a bed with it. Is it possible that she's pregnant again? If so how is that when a buck hasn't been in her cage for over a month. If she is pregnant do I need to remove her other babies out of her cage. Thanks in advance.

***** Karen Sez *****

Two possibilities:

1) Your doe is in the midst of a false pregnancy. That is, her hormones are saying 'pregnant' without the presence of a buck. If this is the case, she'll end up abandoning the nest, and there will be no new litter.

2) WAS THE BUCK IN THE CAGE WHEN THE FIRST LITTER WAS BORN? If so, then the buck could have re-bred the doe shortly after kindling that last litter. And if so, then yes, she could certainly be pregnant. If you answer 'yes' to the all-caps question, then remove the first litter, provide the materials (if needed) for nest-building, and expect another litter in a few days.

For more info:
Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Rabbit Reproduction E-Book

Enjoy your rabbits!

Nov 15, 2013
Did doe survive?
by: Anonymous

I am in the same predicament, for showed no sign of pregnancy after three weeks. Was her same size no fat at all, felt for babies and didn't feel any so i was told to put her back in with the buck to see if she would reject him and she didn't so could she be pregnant and am I going to lose her??

Feb 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

My doe had a litter a month ago and has just given birth again what should I do, can all the rabbits stay together. the father is separated from them now, obviously too late. I thought they were two girls as pet shop sold them to me that way......help

***** Karen Sez *****
Yep, rabbits will be rabbits. The buck will re-breed the doe sometimes before she even has the first litter. Bucks cannot stay with does unless you want a litter per month for about 8 straight months.

The more dense the rabbit population in the same cage, the greater likelihood of pitched dominance battles. Your best bet is to move all the doe and her new litter into a new cage, leaving the first litter in the original cage. The buck is already moved out, this is good.

The doe and her new litter can be given her own cage.

Oct 05, 2011
Response to your additional info
by: Moderator

Hey Kaitlin,
Everyone does what they believe to be the best thing based on the info they have. So don't worry about the guilt trips, at least when it comes to rabbits. A rabbit is a rabbit.

I suspect all will be well with your doe. I'm not sure what to make of every last move by your rabbit. For example, early fur pulling might mean great maternal instincts, or it might mean a false pregnancy.

You should mark your calendar 28 days from BOTH breedings. Put the nest in on day 28 after the 1st breeding. If she hasn't had any kits by the time day 28 arrives from the *second* breeding, the nest will be in place and ready for in case the second breeding 'took.'

Good luck with everything, and I hope you'll let us know what happens.

Oct 03, 2011
More info on the doe
by: Kaitlin

I believe she is pregnant with 2 litters because I did test breed her, if that's what it's called, 6 days after her first breeding. I bred her twice one day (Saturday) and then once on the following Friday to see if she would refuse the buck. I knew this would indicate she was most likely pregnant.

I then asked a couple other breeders if they thought she was pregnant because after the breeding on the following Friday, she began to pull fur. I thought this was really early but wondered if she meant she was pregnant. They scolded me for breeding 6 days apart and told me I would probably lose all the kits and the doe because I bred her that far apart and that she would most likely have two litters.

I was told to put her back in to see if she refused and that's why I did it but now I'm scared I might lose her:( Let me know if you need more info. Any advice based on what I've told you? Thanks!

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