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Rabbit Rhythm, Issue #004 -- Conditioning Show and Pet Rabbits, plus make a rabbit run
June 02, 2010

Rhythms of June

Show Season!

No matter where you live, show season is probably in full swing.

Do you have a pedigreed rabbit? Are you interested in possibly showing it at a rabbit show?

If so, then great! Go to and click on your state abbreviation (or scroll down to your state's listing). You’ll find all the American Rabbit Breeder Association shows in your state for the next several months or longer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about all that is entailed or what to do next.

Aurora Rex Rabbits
In Washington State, we’re looking forward to our Statewide show held in Ellensburg, in the middle of the state. We expect to be there, and could bring rabbits to anyone who also attends.

Interested in any of our Aurora Rex rabbits? Our Aurora Rex Rabbits page is usually up-to-date with available Standard Rex rabbits. We’d be glad to meet you in Ellensburg at the end of June.

Conditioning Rabbits for Show
Speaking of rabbit shows, if you’re a breeder, you might like to know about a Top Secret Formula for conditioning your show rabbits. It’s not top secret, of course, but it’s so impressive that you’ll WISH it were top secret and you were the one with the competitive edge.

A safe, all-natural, non-poisonous method of eradicating your fly problem...Fly Predators from Spalding Labs!! Oh so cool....


Labs - Fly Control

"Thank you for telling me about fly predators! I have gotten several shipments and have noticed a BIG difference in the fly population!!!!" (Jen, a rabbit breeder)

Fly predators are tiny, almost invisible, non-biting, nocturnal flies that like nothing better than eating house-fly eggs and maggots. Spalding will ship you enough of the fly predator during heavy fly months to nearly eradicate your flies.

This is the best solution to a fly problem I’ve seen. Click on the link, or go to our newly redesigned home page to find another link, and learn more about a safe, ‘green’ solution to flies.

Pet Rabbit Run

We’ve got a healthy green lawn in front of our house that’s growing free rabbit food (grass), while our rabbits in their cages eat commercial pellets at exorbitant prices per bag. What’s up with that??

So, we designed and built a very nice rabbit run. We’ve put three young pet bunnies in it - they nibble the grass, get lots of exercise and sunshine, and are happy as larks. AND, they don’t need nearly as much feed. They’re happy, I save money…it’s a win win for us all.

Check it out for yourself at Rabbit Runs.

At first, the bunnies were a little nervous. They seemed timid and fearful, which is understandable since they are prey animals. But after a few days in the rabbit run, they’re touching noses to our cats and coming up to the wire when we come to say ‘hi.’ They even did fine when we mowed the lawn not far from their rabbit run.

Maybe you’d like to make one for yourself? If you do, please send us pictures of how it turned out! We’re going to make another one!

One tip: 2" x 4" wire is great for the ‘floor’ of the run, but too large for the sides unless you're planning to put an 8 pound rabbit or larger in the rabbit run. Once the youngsters learn that they can squeeze their heads through the wire, they’re gone.

Bunny Wellness

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a horrific disease that can wipe out all your rabbits overnight. This is a disease that's reportable to the USDA and your state vet; visit Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease for more info.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is endemic in Australia, Europe, England, China and certain countries in Africa. A vaccine exists for the use of rabbit breeders in these areas. For the rest of the globe, and especially the United States, the USDA is hoping to prevent the establishment of this dreaded disease on US soil.

Just so you know, there was an isolated outbreak in Pine County, Minnesota, at the end of April, 2010. We think the outbreak was contained and the danger has passed; nevertheless, be alert if you live anywhere near Pine County, MN. A prior outbreak occurred in Iowa in 2005; it also was contained.

Cuba is currently tracking down two separate outbreaks.

Picture of the Month

Black Otter Rex doe feeding her 4-week-old bunnies This is a sight that not many pet rabbit owners or even rabbit breeders get to see!

Rabbits tend to feed their kits for only 5 minutes a day, and the feeding usually happens long after you've hit the hay for the evening.

In the picture is Jay, our wonderful black otter doe, feeding her 4-week-old bunnies. We snapped this picture just a couple days ago.

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