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Rabbit Rhythm, Issue #002 -- Fostering rabbit kits, animal ethics, and more...
April 01, 2010

Rhythms of April

By April, litterboxes are poppin' with new buns. It’s finally springtime! If you’re a rabbit breeder, that means you might be expecting bunnies, or more likely, already have them in your nestboxes.

Fostering unthifty kits to good mothering does: At Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch, I bred three does - a chinchilla rex, and two castor rexes, on the same day. All three does kindled on the same day.

Two days later, it was clear that one litter was not doing well. It was a first litter for the doe. She was doing her very best, but for whatever reason, her kits were not getting enough milk, and were becoming thin.

I decided to take my own advice and foster a couple of her kits to another doe so the rest would have a better chance at survival.

But two of the does were the same color, and I needed to know which kits belonged to which doe. So, I took two scrawny castor kits from the poorly-milking doe and put them in with the chinchilla doe. I took three of her albino (REW) kits and put them in with the other castor doe, who had no REW’s.

The good news is - every bunny is now doing well! That is the upside of breeding several does on the same day - the possibility of fostering kits if needed. Castor doe and 4 black otter bunnies

Here’s a picture of the doe who wasn't milking well, with her 4 remaining kits - they're doing great.

Tips for Pet Owners

The flea population starts picking up during the spring months, peaking in summertime. And if you have house rabbits and dogs and cats, your bun might pick up their fleas.

Now might be the time to locate a mild flea powder formulated for cats. Correct application of flea powder includes two dustings, the second 10 days after the first, which is for killing any hatching flea eggs.

A mild flea powder can help keep your rabbit’s coat flea-free. Find more info about various rabbit parasites at the Raising-Rabbits Rabbit Illnesses Resulting from Parasites page.

Another way to control fleas? By feeding a raw diet to your dogs and cats. For some reason, the fleas don't stick around when your animals' coats and skin are healthy. And they will be, with a species appropriate (raw) diet. Learn more at Homemade Pet Food.

We also wanted to encourage you to look to reputable rabbit breeders for your purchase of healthy, well-cared-for pet bunnies.

Many reputable breeders sell their extra rabbits to pet shops as well. No need to shy away from bunnies in pet shops, but just be sure that the bun you choose is healthy - no moisture around the nose, and a clean bottom are two important things to check.

And don't forget - normal, healthy bunnies are also friendly bunnies. It is not normal for bunnies to attack and bite.

If any of these statements sound politically incorrect to you, I urge you to scroll below to the Ethics Sound-Byte, and then click on the first link - an article written by Angela, a Satin Rabbit breeder.

Pet Picture of the Month

Cutest little pet rabbit everTalking about pets, here's a picture of the cutest little bunny EVER!

We’ve posted this picture at Aurora-Rex-Rabbits, along with the pictures of other rabbits at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch that would make great pets.

This little bunny is a broken black otter rex rabbit, about 3 1/2 weeks old in this picture (still has a few weeks to go before he can be sold). The markings are very cute, but he won't impress a rabbit judge because he has too much color and not enough white spots.

But he's just so cute! :-)

Ethics Sound-Byte

Yesterday we posted a new page about animal ethics to

In the process of research, we uncovered evidence for the true (nefarious) motives underlying the animal rights movement. They have very little to do with ‘animal rights.’

And unless you like the idea of life without a single dog, cat or rabbit in your life; unless you want to eventually be compelled to be vegetarian (or even vegan), then I urge you to read the following article and don't buy into the lies.

Are our Shelters Over-Populated? - Written by a Satin Rabbit breeder who knocked herself out trying to find healthy, or friendly, pet rabbits at shelters.

The above article gives you the following links - we wanted to include them here as well, for your convenience:

No Animals Left ( - No Animals Left, in our homes, that is. Their goals, plainly quoted.

Riversong Mini Schnauzer Breeder website - A professional breeder of miniature schnauzers writes humorously of her observations of the animal rights people. Her concerns are completely pertinent to the concerns of rabbit breeders. And I gotta tell you - this woman is just a little ticked...

Meat Department

I recently discovered a terrific Meatrabbits group at Yahoo. You can pick up a lot of excellent information about breeding meat rabbits by joining this group. You'll find wonderful folks with a great sense of humor who like helping others with their various rabbit questions.

Go check out the Meatrabbits Group at Yahoo

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