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News Flash! Sweet Dream Bunnies now has Mini Plush Lops! 
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Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond is a family owned professional rabbitry that raises healthy, socialized, beautiful Mini Plush Lop rabbits, in our home, as the perfect indoor pet for any household.  

Mini Plush Lops have adorable floppy ears with the thick luxurious fur of Rex rabbits. It's all the precious cute you have ever sweet dreamed of!

We are reasonably priced, and we breed year round.  

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We are members of ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association - and have been for many years. 

We have happily been involved with 4-H and Animal Assisted Therapies with our sweet, gentle, small bunnies for many years as well.

Netherland Dwarf from Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond in New Jersey.

Our website is packed full of helpful information for new owners!! We are here to help. Currently the website is www.sweetdreamfarm.webs.com and it is being updated as we speak.


Middlesex County, NJ

We are located in Middlesex County, NJ, near I-95. Middlesex County is centered between Trenton and New York City, about an hour from either one, and only 2 hours from Philadelphia.

If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, we think Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond has the best Netherland Dwarfs in the area!


Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond usually has baby bunnies available, and if not, we have a fast moving waiting list. 

Did you know Netherland Dwarfs come in 35 different colors?!

Each litter offers different varieties. 

Please read through our website so you can become the best bunny owner ever! 




  • Prices vary between $220 - $300; color influences the price
  • Deposit is $100, and is refundable before the bunny is 5 weeks old. 
  • All wait list information, deposit, and pricing policies are spelled out on our website

Bunnies pictured on this page are from past litters just to give you a feel for what we've had in the past.  Our website has loads more pictures.

Netherland Dwarf from Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond in New Jersey.

As seasoned breeders and lovers of bunnies, we believe in helping you with the TOTAL CARE of your new sweet bunny, so when you purchase a bunny from us, you are also purchasing our "Beginner Starter Kit" of Natural, Super Health & Delicious SAFE foods, listed in our website. 

You pay for the balance of the bunny and for the Beginner Starter Kit at bunny pick-up time, and as a gift we give you some great training pamphlets from the American Rabbit Breeders Association - One Stop Shopping.


Go Bunny Treats

We Also own Go Bunny Treats, an amazing online store where you can purchase Safe, Healthy, Natural & Delicious Foods & Treats for your bunny to enjoy & thrive on.


We carry 7 different cookie mixes. Just add water, roll into bunny size treats, and bake for 20 minutes.

There are several flavors to choose from:  

Pumpkin Cranberry Feast

Strawberry Fields

Papaya Pineapple Fur Ball Helper

Carrot Pumpkin Swirl

Blueberry Blackberry Torte

8 Veggie Medely

We have an Exclusive "Starter Kit" that will make Feeding and Caring for your new bunny fun and easy! We also carry really Great TOYS & Accessories for your Pet too!  

We have 6 different dried flower mixes so your rabbit can enjoy spring flora year round.

Zen Calming BlendZen Calming Blend, snack therapy...
Fruity Party Goody BagFruity Party Goody Bag

We have many freeze dried fruits and fruit mixes for delicious desserts. We preserve by drying, so no chemicals or additives, just natural organic goodness. 

Another Favorite as a Gift Giving Item for your Sweet Bunny is our Super Popular 5 Star Crunch!  Carrots, Green Beans and 3 colors of Sweet Potatoes give your bunny that all important Crunch and Great Flavor! Our large Bag is the best value for your money!

Please check out our website. We have a full menu of gourmet entrees, instant cookie mixes, quality hay, and First Greens for weaning baby bunnies onto solid food! 


Five Star Veggie CrunchFive Star Veggie Crunch

Our cookie mixes are a great Easter treat for bunny owners! By just adding water to our mixture, any bunny owner can make Fresh, Super Delicious, Healthy Beautiful Cookies for their bunny, about 12-18 depending on the size you make them. They come in a resealable pouch to store them in the fridge, or you can also buy Several Flavors. Bake and freeze them, so you will always have the perfect treat on hand! Always made with 100% natural ingredients: A blend of Bunny Safe Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggie Powders and Plants. Loaded with natural vitamins and minerals! We NEVER add chemicals, preservatives, fillers, oils, pellets to our products! Super easy Directions are on the package !


Check out this Happy Customer Dining Experience!


Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond 
Go Bunny Treats
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Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond

Email: robin.sweetdream @ gmail. com
or SmallPeTreats @ gmail. com

Rabbitry Website: Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond

Facebook: Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond/Go Bunny Treats

Adorable orange Netherland Dwarf kit

Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond Testimonials

We gave our new baby bunny the "Baby's First Greens" blend and he loves it!  Thanks for a great, safe product!

- Julie Anne owner of Thumper

Netherland Dwarf from Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond in New Jersey.
Netherland Dwarf from Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond in New Jersey.

We were looking for something different for our bunny and came across your Cookie Mixes.  It was such a great way to get our kids involved with another aspect of loving their bunny - baking cookies!  

James & Mary and family

There is nothing like your product on the market!  It has such a well thought out, complete list of ingredients.  We bought all of them for the Holidays and will put them in the kids and our bunny's stocking! thanks for an easy gift giving idea!

Peggy, John and family

Netherland Dwarf from Sweet Dream Bunnies and Beyond in New Jersey.

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