Provisions 134 Rabbitry

Provisions 134 Rabbitry has a new name - Whatnot Farm!

Whatnot Farm includes a small herd of Giant Angora rabbits raised with attention to ARBA standard of perfection and the goal of excellence in wool production.

  • Do you work with angora fiber? 
  • Do you enjoy raising and caring for rabbits? 
  • Are you open to the idea of making an extra dollar or two through a rabbit and wool hobby? 
  • Do you happen to need extra breeding stock for your own angora rabbit herd?
  • Do you live anywhere near Massachusetts?

Learn all about Whatnot Farm here.

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“Whatnot Farm is about getting back to the basics through suburban agriculture. 
A salute to the past, with a contemporary approach. We celebrate the beauty and abundance of Nature, the generosity and wonder of Earth’s creatures.”

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