Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land

Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land

♡ Netherland Dwarfs ♡ 

I am Alexandra O'Neal, owner of Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land.

It is an indoor rabbitry where I personally tend to my Netherland Dwarfs.

I handle each one daily and have given them all names. 

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New Babies!

Here's some of the baby bunnies available during March and April.

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land is in the heart of Eastern Tennessee, in the quaint city of Kingston. We are 3 hours due east of Nashville and 45 minutes due west of Knoxville, right off Interstate 40.

Kingston, Tennessee

How do we train our rabbits?

My babies are handled the day they open their eyes and daily from then on. It makes a difference.

It's very important to provide docile and sweet natured rabbits to new homes from my litters. I litter box train my bunnies, and the babies are well on the way to being fully trained by eight weeks. They are all cuddled and doted on daily. 

I spend the necessary time with each litter to ensure that my babies are well-handled, healthy, and most of all, happy to be coddled.

I have only five breeding adults as I don't plan to just pump out babies. I carefully breed the females to be pet, breeding, or show rabbits.

 I strive to have healthy,  docile and beautiful Netherland Dwarf Bunnies, not to sell bunches of untamed rabbits. 

How I Got Started

I have loved pet rabbits since I was a child. I always wanted miniature and dwarf animals so Netherland Dwarf rabbits were perfect for me. When I first started looking for them I only found ones that were not quite what I expected for a tame, friendly and docile bunny.

That's when I decided that people who are looking for a great pet or breeding quality Netherland Dwarf would  probably want the same qualities that I was looking for. This motivates me to raise bunnies that are tame, friendly and docile.

Lexy's Bunny NetherlandIntroducing Violet, our new breeding doe. We regulary adopt new bunny parents so we have the healthiest babies possible.

Big news! 
Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land Rabbitry has now added Double Maned Lionhead bunnies along with Jersey Wooley dwarf rabbits with my Netherland Dwarf bunnies. 

Holland Lop cuteness!

Baby Lionhead Rabbit.
That's a lot of fluff!

I sell adults, both male and female, but especially baby rabbits. I have both pedigreed and non-pedigreed bunnies, but all of my rabbits are cared for with the highest regard to their well being. 

All my rabbits are handled daily, litter box trained and bred for temperament. From the moment the kits are born, until they get adopted as babies or adults, my rabbits are trained and socialized to be a happy member of your family. 

Lexy's Bunny Nether-Land Contact Information

Phone:  (423) 463 - 9722                               Email: lexy.onealintn @ gmail. com

What else do you get when you adopt a rabbit from Lexy's?

I supply a bag of food to help prevent any upset stomach issues with sudden diet change. All of my rabbits are trained with dehydrated fruit and they will be sent to their new homes with a bag of fruit to ease the transition to a new caregiver.

Contact me directly for availability of adults or babies, as well as pricing for each.

Thanksgiving 2021. 
Look at those little faces!

Lexy's Bunny NetherlandBeautiful babies at Lexy's Bunny Netherland
Lexy's Bunny NetherlandWhat sweet little fluffles!

Christmas 2021

Jingle Buns! Jingle Buns!
Hopping all the way!

Lexy Christmas Kits 1
Lexy Christmas Kits 2

The bunnies were nestled all snug in their bed,
while visions of bananas danced in their heads...

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