Bunny Friends Farm

Bunny Friends Farm

♡ Pedigree Holland Lops ♡ Purebred Mini Lops ♡ Purebred Mini Rex ♡ 

Bunny Friends Farm supplies wonderful pet rabbits that are already on their way into your heart!

Bunny Friends is a rabbitry registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

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We are a small family farm in rural central Georgia, specializing in: Pedigreed Holland Lops, Purebred Mini Rex,  and Mini Lops. Our pedigreed bunnies are held daily after 1 week old, are socialized with other bunnies, are kept indoors and begin potty training at 3 weeks old. Our Mini Rex and Mini Lop bunnies are held often and socialized with other bunnies.


Our Story

Bunny Friends Farm began in 2020, during the Covid shutdown.  It was a sweet distraction from the chaos, and it has since grown to a much loved farm that is ARBA registered with multiple breeds available. 

(Right: Ginger, a sweet Holland Lop, is still available for adoption.  She is the queen of chill.)


The farm is primarily run by a mom and daughter duo, and we love finding forever homes for our furry friends. We breed rabbits to produce the highest quality pets, with much desired character traits. 

(Left: Also available, Poppy has personality! This fun Mini Rex has some great attitude!)


Easter Bunnies!


Looking for an Easter Bunny? We have several available to be your best bunny friend!

If you want a pet rabbit in Georgia, Bunny Friends Farm is wonderful. Starter hay, pellets and a care page come with every bunny.  Our babies are handled daily and socialized with other rabbits, plus they have started potty training.

We have happy and healthy purebread Mini Rex and Mini Lops.

Our Pedigreed Holland Lops also come with organic dried snacks, pedigree papers and have started potty training.


For people looking for a calm pet to just relax with, sometimes we do have adult bunnies available.

I'm gonna lay right here and have myself a little nappie, a nap-a-roo, a little naparoni and cheese. It will be napalicious!



Our Pedigree Holland Lops are $300 and up, depending on coloring. 

Our purebred Mini Rex bunnies are $45 and up.

Our purebred Mini Lops are $65 and up.


Bunny Friends Farm Contact Information

Bunny Friends Farm 
 Box Springs, Georgia, USA
Phone: (229) 649 - 5672
Cell: (706) 392 - 2992
Email: slwatson1996 @ gmail. com 

Box Springs, GA

Box Springs is 40 minutes east of Columbus and Fort Benning at the Georgia/Alabama border, and 1.5 hours west of Macon along state highway 80.  

We are about 2.5 hours south of Atlanta,

bunny-friends-farm-03-mini-rex-brokenSelfie with my BBF's! (Best Bunny Friends)
bunny-friends-farm-05-holland-lop-tri-color-SnickersSomebunny went to the market.
bunny-friends-farm-02You've heard of 'flash mob'? We are the Cute Troop!

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