Against Animal Rights

We are against animal rights but entirely supportive of animal welfare (which is at times confused with animal rights).

This page is our response to a website visitor, Elisa, who accused us of exploiting animals due to breeding practices. It includes our explanations about animal rights, animal welfare, and symbiosis.

Elisa said:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am shocked how you talk about the "peanuts" that may result from breeding. You write in a nonchalant way that "there is nothing wrong" with crossing rabbits that might produce "peanuts" and that some breeders just kill them or let them "expire."

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These are animals!!! On one hand you seem to love rabbits and on the other you do not have a problem with producing rabbits that are too small to live. It's sad how humans exploit animals for their own benefits!

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


Elisa, a shocked animal lover


We replied:

Dear Elisa,

We appreciate you and your courtesy, despite the shock we have caused you.

You're talking the talk, but have you truly done the animal rights versus animal welfare research for yourself?

  • Have you any idea how many "rescued" animals PETA kills? (92% - 97% depending on the year)
  • Do you realize that the animal rights agenda - the vision of a world where there is no animal usage and no "animal exploitation" -- will result in the extinction and elimination of all pets, including rabbits, dogs, and cats?
  • Do you realize that the massive fields of grain that would be required to feed an exclusively vegan world would result in nothing but deserts? Do you realize that the global ecosystem would collapse and the planet would die if HSUS, PETA, etc. get their way?
  • Do you realize that the powers-that-be (the global big boys) understand the above threat to the globe, and plan a global purge of humanity in order to solve the 'problem'? (I promise I have 'carved in stone' documentation for what might sound fantastical)
  • Have YOU done the research?

No? If needed, The Vegetarian Myth, by Lierre Keith, is an excellent resource to start with.

And if you can handle an even greater shock to your belief system, try

We're against animal rights, but that doesn't mean we don't care about animals. We do.

Litter of dwarf rabbitsThe peanuts in this litter were stillborn

When will the animal rights rank and file realize that the animal rights big-wigs have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with consideration for the wellbeing of animals? They are lying to you. Do your research, and don't just swallow the animal rights propaganda. 

To answer your concerns:

Raising-Rabbits is against animal rights, but we’re passionate about animal welfare. We support rabbit breeders of all breeds, including the dwarf breeds, and continue to add comprehensive rabbit care information to the website to assist breeders with providing high quality rabbit care and welfare.

The relationship between domestic animals and humans is not exploitative.


Symbiotic relationships are mutually beneficial relationships between species that improve the well-being of both species, and without which both species would suffer, and possibly die out.

Did you realize that humans as a species would eventually die out if humans could not eat animal-based nutrition?

Our survival as a species is the benefit of symbiosis from the human side. And from the animal side...

Did you realize there are species of animals that could not possibly survive without human intervention? The domestic sheep comes immediately to mind. This is absolutely not animal exploitation. This is animal welfare

Our stance against animal rights is actually a pro-animal stance.

Take a look in your garden.

You grow veggies, but how do the veggies eat? From the bones and blood of dead animals, bugs and worms that enrich the soil, that's how.

There it is - symbiosis - again. 

EVERY species on earth is inter-dependent, from the smallest nematode and bacterium in the soil, all the way up to the largest elephants and whales, from the tundra grass with its clouds of mosquitoes feeding nesting sea birds every summer to the sequoias and redwoods towering 300+ feet in the clouds.

You cannot remove yourself, or the human race, from the web of interconnectedness, a web that includes death

It is completely naive to protest the deaths of rabbit kit peanuts - or of the cows, chickens and rabbits that feed us - when every species on the planet, plant and animal, is benefiting from the deaths of the plants and the animals that have gone before it.

We believe that 6,000+ years of precedent is proof enough of the justice and ethics of using animals for the good of humanity.

A few caveats, which we think may have become somewhat forgotten in this mechanized mega-farm age:

  • Be kind to those animals while they live
  • Butcher the animals humanely when the time comes, and,
  • Pass the herds, flocks, farms and fields to your offspring (or new owners) in better condition than when you received them

We’re entirely for animal welfare, but against animal rights, which ignorantly seeks to abolish all uses of animals everywhere.

So: Where is the problem with breeding dwarf rabbits and producing more dwarf rabbits?

Those peanuts that result (possibly 25% of offspring) are usually born dead. And if they live and then die, where is the sin? Death is a part of life, and none of us, human or animal, will get out of this journey alive. The peanuts don't suffer. There is no lack of welfare, or of compassion. And yes, they are animals, but animals without an innate right to life, only a right to welfare while they live.

Kindest regards,


PS: What about human life?

Does each individual human have an innate right to life?? We think absolutely yes, but if the United Nations Agenda 21 means anything at all, our opinion may mean absolutely nothing.

Maybe it's time people quit fretting that we're against animal rights, and start fighting for the value of their own lives.

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